Digital technology is like a perfect gift for us introverted Entrepreneurs. It takes the hassle out of so many things, allowing us, as introverts to you can use our energy on income generating activities 🌟
It’s day 4 of #EnterpriseWeek so today I’m sharing 3 tools rather than 3 tips, to try out as an introverted entrepreneur.
Tool 1: Descript. Creating content is so time consuming and energy draining if it’s not your strong point. Videos, blogs, podcasts, emails… so much to do! Descript is a handy tool for repurposing single pieces of content like video into multiple pieces of content. You simply create your video (1 piece of content), download the audio only to use in your podcast (2 pieces of content), and generate the transcript from the video to use as your blog (3 pieces of content).
Tool 2: MailerLite. By far my favourite email marketing tool. You can create and schedule your email campaigns weeks in advance and the best bit… the automations. MailerLite integrates with tonnes of other tools you’re likely to use like WordPress, Stripe for payments, and Podia/Teachable/MemberVault (other great tools for your courses and memberships). You can create an automated email for every step of the customer journey. I’m not techy at all and I find MailerLite so easy to use.
Tool 3: Calendly. Perfect for letting clients book appointments with you without the back and forth messages/emails to arrange a time. This is a great tool for introverts as well, as it sets specific times that you are available. You tell clients when you are available not vice versa. This means you effectively manage work and rest time by having more control over when you speak with clients.
What’s even better is that all 3 have free options and low cost options so you can figure out what works for you without having to spend unnecessarily.

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