I’m Claire… 

… a NLP Coach and Business & Confidence Coach, a perpetual optimist, entrepreneur, mum of boys, an aspiring writer, an avid charity worker and I’m dedicated to helping shy & quiet women to lead and grow businesses that change the world for themselves and their families!

Why? Because it sucks when people who have the power to change the world, feel like they can’t. 

You know who she is…

 …maybe she’s your neighbour, your friend or a colleague. She’s smart and sassy and confident. She knows what she wants, she has great ideas and she acts on them. She’s achieving amazing things for herself, her family and her community. She doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else, she just shows up as herself and the world seems to fall at her feet. You watch her and think: ‘if only I could be like her’.

 But here’s the thingthe way you look at her, someone looks at you that way too!


You’ve got big ideas, you’re talented & smart and you don’t ever need to pretend to be someone you’re not, you just don’t know it yet. You are the kind of woman who starts a business, you are the type of woman of creates change where change is needed, you are the type of woman who can create freedom in her life and business and the changes you can create will have tremendous ripple effects for everyone close to you… maybe even for the world.


Imagine the business you’d love to create right now! What difference is that business making in your life, to the lives of your family, to your community, to people around the world?


Imagine now that all the internal barriers that have stopped you achieving that dream up until now have vanished. Things like:

 *That pesky inner critic who never sleeps

*That darned imposter syndrome that keeps you playing small

*That little voice that keeps you doubting every decision you make

*That endless cycle of self-doubt

*The belief that it is not possible for you

*That feeling of not being enough

*That fear – fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of conflict, fear of standing out from the crowd, fear of being visible, even the fear of success and overwhelm – in fact you’re living your life totally committed to your fears

*That never being sure what you’re actually meant to be doing with this one life you have

How are you showing up now that they no longer exist? Now that you’re free to play big, to do work that you love, to show up 100% as your true authentic self. Now that you’re free to create a life and business on your terms, even if that means quietly roaring to success.


I want to help you roar (albeit quietly, or loudly, if that’s what you prefer).


I believe that every quiet woman on the planet has immense power to create change in the world. I believe that success is not reserved only for she who shouts loudest.  I believe that every shy woman in the world has an inner confidence that once unlocked will create a ripple of positive change for everyone she meets. I know these things to be true because I was the woman who shied away from my potential until I unlocked that inner confidence.


I went from being the shyest one of all my friends to speaking to a 300 strong crowd without a shake in my voice.


I went from listening to the inner critic who told me that I could never be a successful entrepreneur, that I needed the security of relying on and being extremely grateful for a job that someone else had given me to creating my own business that I love. Now I work on my terms, around my family, doing work that I love.


I went from hiding in the shadows to taking centre stage in both my charity work and my business, creating a ripple effect of change by inspiring others around me to do the same.


I went from constantly living life comparing myself to everyone else to seeing that the world needed me to be me – that’s where the freedom was. Imagine knowing it’s ok to be you as you are!


And I can help you do that and more.


For almost 15 years, I’ve been helping women (and men) to start and grow their businesses. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years and I loved working with female business leaders who possess something that I find incredibly admirable, I’m just not sure entirely how to articulate what it is. I came across so many shy or quiet women who would tell me stories of their lives and their passions. They had amazing ideas. They were smart, talented, passionate and had the ability to create so much change but they were completely invested in fear. I saw so much of my old self in them and decided that this was it, this was my calling, to help these women become confident business leaders who invested more in loving what they had to offer than in fearing what could go wrong and so here we are.


With a professional background in entrepreneurship, leadership & communication and as a fully certified mindset coach, NLP Coach and Hynpnotherapy & Time Line Therapy Practitioner (and fire-walk instructor), I’m dedicated to helping quiet women achieve extraordinary transformations in how they lead and show up for the businesses they dream of creating so that they can change the world for themselves and everyone around them.


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