When you know who you want to work with, it becomes so much easier to attract them 🥳
It’s day 2 of #EnterpriseWeek 2021 and today’s top 3 tips centre around identifying your ideal client.
Introversion is all about energy. Introverts need time and space to conserve energy in between gigs. Getting clear on who you want to work with will save energy on so many levels but here are just a few:
✨As the boss, you get to decide who you work with, so you can ditch clients that drain your energy.
✨You no longer have to be all things to all people. That ‘carry-on’ is exhausting! Instead you can pour your energy in to targeting, and then working with, a specific type of client.
✨You can choose to work with clients who want to avail of your services, in the way that you want to deliver them e.g. maybe you have a skill that you want to teach to other people (and other people want to learn it), but live training just wipes you out, then you can specifically target people who want to learn from you but who prefer a self study programme. It’s a win:win.
✨When you know exactly who you’re targeting, it becomes so much easier and less time consuming to create marketing messages that speak directly to them.
Today’s top 3 tips for finding your ideal client?
1️⃣Ask yourself: ‘what is the number 1 problem I want to solve and who has that problem?’ You don’t have to solve every problem for everyone, you just have to be really good at solving 1 problem for a specific group.
2️⃣Look at who you already serve and ask: ‘Who drains my energy and who excites me?’ Working with clients who excite you will help to use your energy productively.
3️⃣Audit your current skills & capabilities and ask yourself: ‘who can I help with these skills and how?’ It can be easy to assume that just because you know something, that everyone knows it. But, trust me, that’s not the case. And, even if the service you offer can be done by anyone, that doesn’t mean they want to or have the time to do it.
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