I know you’ve asked yourself these questions before: ‘how come she can do it and I can’t? What the heck is wrong with me? We went to the same school, we lived on the same street, we have the same friends, our kids are the same age! How come she can have the business she always wanted while I go from one ‘meh’ job to another? How does she have her s**t so well together?’ embarassed

I’ll tell you how! Somewhere along the line, she made the ‘decision’ to do it. Not like the decision you make in between Christmas and New Year to lose half a stone, to ‘definitely’ go to yoga every week, to stop smoking, to ‘definitely’ have girls’ night every month… You know, those decisions that you stick to until maybe February if you’re doing really good!

I mean she made a real committed decision… a ‘no matter what’ decision. The kind of decision where she could see her dream as if she already had it. The kind of decision that meant:

• Other people’s opinions wouldn’t matter
• No followers, no ‘likes’, no customers for those first months didn’t mean giving up
• EVERYTHING even the s**t storms would be opportunities – ‘lockdown…great…how will this help me grow?’ she asked
• Pushing through those limiting beliefs we know she had: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘who am I to do this?’ ‘I’m scared that it won’t work out’, ‘I’m not smart enough, cool enough, rich enough, popular enough, worthy enough, deserving enough….’
• Putting her heart and soul into making her decision to be great a reality

She made the committed decision to be persistent in her pursuit of a vision that she wanted to materialise, whether she knew it or not!

It’s a little bit like this: Let’s say you’ve decided you’re going to take the kids to Florida for the trip of a life-time. You book the tickets, all there is to do now is make it happen – straight away you’ll start getting the money together, whether that’s by working over-time, taking extra shifts, putting a little more away every month. Before its time to go you’ll likely have thousands of pounds that you wouldn’t have had otherwise because you would have spent it on something else. You’ll start to buy holiday clothes, you might lose some weight to fit into that bikini that you really want to wear at the beach. You’ll sort out the visas, change your currency, buy some suitcases. Maybe you’ll prepare an elaborate plan to announce the trip to the kids. You’ll start to plan out what you’ll do when you’re there and in your mind you’ll travel there hundreds of times before you ever set foot on a plane. You’ll see the resort, see yourself on the balcony, by the pool, at the parks, standing for photos with Mickey Mouse. You’ll tell people your plans and get advice on the best places to eat, the best things to do, things to avoid, the safest places to go at night-time etc from people who have already been there before you! In the run up to departure day, you’ll have everything packed and ready to go and you’ll set about 5 alarms just to make sure you don’t sleep in! When it’s finally time to go you can relax and unwind and get into holiday mode because you know that everything has been done! You’re so excited that nothing and no one will stop you.

You got fully emotionally immersed in the decision to create a holiday of a lifetime in Florida and you can use that exact same process to decide to create your dream business and life.

When you first decided to go to Florida, you didn’t worry about how you would get there or what you would do… you made the decision that you wanted to go first and THEN got to work on making it happen!

You have to decide that you want to work for yourself, that you want to be in charge of your own destiny, that you want to create an abundant life, that you want to create a sustainable income for yourself and your family! Once you make the decision, the rest will come (after you take action of course).

You’ll never get to Florida, AKA start your own business, without a committed decision to do so, but just how do you know when it’s a committed decision? I mean every New Year you make a ‘committed decision’ to cut out carbs but it never really pans out! Here’s a 3 step plan to help you out:

1) Get specific! Your plan wasn’t to go on holiday, that would have just led to spending countless hours looking through brochures and websites. It was a committed decision to ‘go to Florida for the family holiday of a life-time’. Get equally specific with your decision – ‘I am going to start an online business’, ‘I am going to turn my side hustle into a full-time opportunity’, ‘I am going to earn enough to fix that darned roof once and for all’, ‘I’m going to grow my network so most of my business comes from referrals because I’m so over cold calling’!!

2) Get emotionally involved! See yourself doing just what you’ve decided you will do. Feel how it feels to wake up in the morning knowing that today you get to make money doing something you love, feel the key to your brand-new premises in the palm of your hand, see yourself spending the money you’ve decided you’re going to make, write out your ‘day in the life’ as the person you’ve just decided you are going to be.

3) Get committed! It’s only a committed decision if you are willing to give up having to know right now how it will pan out and if you’re willing to go for it ‘No Matter What’. Test your commitment by sussing out your reactions in these scenarios:

A – My family, friends, colleagues and other people I see and talk to regularly think I’m crazy when I talk about what my plans are. They keep giving me reasons why I shouldn’t do this. They roll their eyes or grunt every time I talk about what I’m doing. I (a) carry on regardless. I know they are coming from a place of love but I’m not willing to give up on my dream because of someone else’s fear based responses to my dream, (b) recognise that they have some valid arguments. I’ll take these on board and do some more thinking to see if perhaps I could tweak my plans, or (c) accept that my dream is too big for me and I should play it safe.

B – I’ve created my social media pages, I’m posting regularly but no one is liking or engaging with my content. It feels like I’m spending so much time creating content but getting nothing in return. I (a) stick firm to my decision, go back to the drawing board and have a look at how I could improve how I serve my followers online. I get some help because clearly this isn’t my strong point; (b) Rethink my dream. Maybe my plans were a little too ambitious; or (c) Accept that this isn’t what I’m meant to do and start soul searching!

C – Things are going well but something completely out of my control has happened. My business has completely tanked. I (a) Stick firm with my decision to change my life and get help to pivot my business because I know that outside circumstances may be a pain in the back side but they can’t interfere with my decision to build a better life unless I let them; (b) Think maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. Maybe I need to rethink my decision or (c) Accept defeat, I knew it was to good to be true!

If you’ve answered with mostly As, congratulations you’ve got yourself a committed decision, now all you need to do is get moving, take action and watch it all unfold. If you answered mostly Bs, you have a decision but you’re not fully committed to it. You may be susceptible to fall when other people don’t ‘get’ what you are trying to do. Some mindset work will help you to overcome some of the barriers you are likely to come up against. If you’ve answered mostly Cs then you definitely haven’t made a committed decision. You aren’t emotionally involved with the decision. By staying in this mode, you will always be stuck. You may have good intentions but you’ll fall back into old habits very easily.

If you do one thing today, make it be that you make a committed decision on the direction you want your business and life to go. When you make the committed decision, you’ll begin to find the money, to make it work, you’ll begin to say yes to opportunities, you’ll do what needs to be done to prepare for the outcome you expect from this new decision, you’ll speak to people who have been there before and learn what to do and what not to do. You’ll do what needs to be done no matter how scary or what anyone else thinks. Just make the decision, take action and watch your ducks fall in to place!

Let me help you make your committed decision and book your discovery call!

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