Picture this: you’re out having a beautiful Autumn walk, and as if from nowhere, BOOM, a fabulous business idea plants itself right into your mind. You spend the rest of your walk, getting really excited about this idea. You’re telling yourself how you could make it a reality. You’re seeing yourself in the business and you look and feel so happy. You see yourself chatting to customers. Maybe you see yourself managing the staff and being a super cool boss. You’re imagining all the things you’ll be doing when you’re earning the money, this business has the potential to earn for you.
You finish your walk on a high and come home to sit down and plan it all out. But then it hits you. You’re shy!
You’re no longer dreaming about your awesome business idea. You’re remembering that story that shy people can’t start a business. Shy people can’t manage staff. Shy people can’t deal with suppliers and customers… like what if someone is difficult and you have to be assertive with them? Worst of all, shy people can’t promote a business… that involves actually being visible after-all.. ‘videos – no thanks’!
Now your heart is pounding with fear at the thought of that business idea and you’ve decided it’s just not worth it because ‘people like you’ can’t be entrepreneurs and it’s as simple as that.
Is it though?
Shyness is simply a fear of social judgement and that fear has come from the stories you learned as you grew up. So just how do you overcome the ‘shy’ mindset?
We could talk about this all day long.. seriously! But here are 3 helpful tips to help you begin to unlock the shy mindset so you can confidently show up for your business.
Step 1: Acknowledge that ‘I am Shy’ is just a story. ‘I am..’ is a pretty big statement because it implies that who you are is static. Are you shy all the time? Is there ever a time when you’re not? The ‘I am Shy’ story, has probably let you off the hook a fair few times. Maybe other people have had the tough conversations on your behalf. Maybe it’s meant you never had to risk social judgement or maybe, it’s been your way of avoiding rejection. Acknowledge that your shyness is just a story and decide that you’re ready to create a new, more helpful story so that you can get your business moving already!
Step 2: Figure out what you’re afraid of. What’s the absolute worst thing you think will happen if you decide to create a new, more confident identity? Maybe you think your friends won’t like you anymore? Maybe you’re afraid that you won’t be able to handle any rejection. Maybe you feel like a fraud and you’re afraid you’ll get found out. Be honest and write down anything that comes to mind, no matter how far-fetched it seems.
Step 3: Make a come-back plan. Look at the fears you’ve listed. Give each 1 a score between 1-10 for how much they scare you (1 = Not really scared of this & 10 = this one has me quaking in my boots). Take any with a score of 7 or more and ask: ‘ok, so my worst fear plays out in reality, what do I do about it?’ E.g. you put an offer out in the world but no-one buys and now you feel completely rejected. 3 steps to come back may be to:
🔥Get clearer on who I am targeting and make sure that my messaging is targeted more clearly next time.
🔥Communicate the outcome more clearly so that clients know exactly what they will get from working with me.
🔥Get help with marketing.
Change your story today!

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